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  • 5 Common Data Formats Used to Build Healthcare Integrations

    5 Common Data Formats Used to Build Healthcare Integrations

    Streamline healthcare integrations with 5 common data formats: HL7, FHIR, X12, DICOM, and CCD for seamless interoperability and unified patient data.

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  • Four Ways That Integrations Help Laboratories Thrive

    Integrations are a key part of improving patient care and mitigating costs for many healthcare organizations. For laboratories in particular, it can be a huge boon to have a strong interoperability strategy to enable sustainable growth. Here are four ways that integrations can help a laboratory: Data Management Laboratories generate 70% of the world’s healthcare…

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  • Top 5 Most Requested Integrations in 2023

    We’re halfway through 2023, and we’re seeing no shortage of requests for help in building new integrations. With more health IT companies bringing novel solutions to address the myriad problems the healthcare industry faces, it’s no surprise that integrations remain a key concern for healthcare leadership. We reviewed our own data for the year and…

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